Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unsuccessfully Gifting

It is with great excitement that I watch the holiday season approach this year.  And it isn't just me - Ms. Flippers and Stubble and I have already been holding conferences on gifts and how to make sure that the gifts are still needed on Christmas Morning.  The Bearded One is notoriously difficult to buy for because he has the habit of just going and buying whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  This has held true for the entire 36 years of our marriage so it is not unexpected.

I have already issued the "Don't you DARE buy anything for yourself before Christmas" edict - "Even if you THINK you need it RIGHT NOW".

It will have little effect.

Yesterday I discussed with Stubble that my idea this year, rather than stressing over the situation, is to on December 24th  take whatever he has bought for himself between the present time and Christmas, wrap it and put it under the tree.  This goes for new socks and underwear as well as the new pair of boat shoes that we know he needs, the cell phone that he would like to update, and the new attachment for the lawn mower that he has been coveting.

This will also apply to books that he purchases (although how we are going to get the e-books off of his cell phone to wrap them eludes me) and music he has downloaded from Rhapsody (that is easier, we just burn his new music folder onto a CD).

Santa works hard each year to make sure that The Bearded One has at least ONE Christmas surprise.  Sometimes the only surprise is the color of the new toothbrush in his stocking.

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