Thursday, May 19, 2011

He Likes Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice  Cream to be exact.  To be even more "exacter":  Blue Bunny Double Strawberry - No Sugar Added, Lower Fat Ice Cream sweetened with Splenda.

Yes, our loveable but dense tuxedo cat, Rufus, is an ice cream lover and a serious mooch.
If someone (say, for the sake of argument, ME) is sitting with a bowl (or the entire carton) of the treat, Mr. Cat will approach looking hopeful.  Of course nothing is forthcoming so he gets vocal about the kitty abuse that you are perpetrating.  After a few reproachful howls, he will leap into your lap and approach your face (the better to lick your lips for any lingering traces of frozen goodness).

He then tries to stick his head into carton or bowl, whichever is handy.  Last night I went to push him off my lap and on his way down he made it a point to land his right front paw directly in the carton,

"Yeah Lady, you KNOW I've been in the litter box!  Enjoy your ice cream."

Well, I figured I have a good immune system so I kept eating.  He got me though.  I had left the lid to the carton on the kitchen counter and when I went to put the carton back into the freezer, he was calmly polishing off the melted ice cream on the inside of the lid.

Dang Cat!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Because it's what I do best...

Guilt.  Ah, that wonderful, all powerful tool that is so useful in the home.   I didn't have to get it out even once this last Mother's Day weekend.  What a shame, as I had it all perfectly polished up and ready to go...
Did I get the perfect card?   No.
Did I get to sleep in?  No.
Did I get breakfast in bed?  No.

Instead I got the gift of  a guilt-free construction project.  Perfect!

When we had to cover the pond to prevent the ravages of predator birds, the canvas top did nothing to improve the health of the waterplants.  We have been planning to replace the canvas with a redwood lattice roof for a couple of years now, but that project always seems to come in second to more pressing needs.

This year, it was announced that The Bearded One and Stubble were going to begin on the new roof for the pond enclosure - without my even asking!  How nice!  A construction project in which I have no part to play except for spray painting the joist hangers gloss black.

It is going to look absolutely awesome.  Of course, it is going to take about 3.1416 times as long to finish as they had planned.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Protect Wildlife - Please Crush...

Rufus the Unhinged, my furry little tuxedo cat, helped me clean the litter boxes this morning.  We keep our litter scoop in a cut down half-gallon milk jug.  While Rufus was "helping" he went to sniff the bottom of the milk jug.  Then he stuck his head all the way in, no doubt to get a better sniff...and got stuck.

I couldn't help him right away and he blundered around the laundry room shaking his head.  His sister Kimi couldn't figure out what was happening to her brother although she tried to help by backing him into the corner by the pantry.  As I was going to release him from his HDPE 2 prison, Rufus gave his head a mighty shake and the jug came off.  That he got stuck at all was surprising as the entire top half of the jug is removed.  Trust Rufus to figure out how.

On a really serious note:  As I was shaking my head and smiling over the cat, it occurred to me that while I was fine with waiting until I had finished scooping the litter and no permanent harm would befall the little fuzzball, in a "wild" setting, this would really be a problem.  I hereby resolve to crush all of my Yoplait containers even it it gets yogurt splashes on my floor.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Splish Splash

We "opened" the pool yesterday.  Last weekend we removed the winter cover and put on the solar cover.  We cranked up the solar heaters.  Yesterday when I headed for our garage-gym it was quite warm with the sun beating on the garage door.  I decided to open the garage door and go check the pool chemistry while I waited for things to cool off.  Well, the pool chemistry was wonderful and the pool temp was over 80 degrees, so instead of putting on shorts and getting my earphones, I got a bathing suit and spent a couple of hours in the pool...
Wish I had remembered the sun screen!