Monday, May 9, 2011

Because it's what I do best...

Guilt.  Ah, that wonderful, all powerful tool that is so useful in the home.   I didn't have to get it out even once this last Mother's Day weekend.  What a shame, as I had it all perfectly polished up and ready to go...
Did I get the perfect card?   No.
Did I get to sleep in?  No.
Did I get breakfast in bed?  No.

Instead I got the gift of  a guilt-free construction project.  Perfect!

When we had to cover the pond to prevent the ravages of predator birds, the canvas top did nothing to improve the health of the waterplants.  We have been planning to replace the canvas with a redwood lattice roof for a couple of years now, but that project always seems to come in second to more pressing needs.

This year, it was announced that The Bearded One and Stubble were going to begin on the new roof for the pond enclosure - without my even asking!  How nice!  A construction project in which I have no part to play except for spray painting the joist hangers gloss black.

It is going to look absolutely awesome.  Of course, it is going to take about 3.1416 times as long to finish as they had planned.....

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