Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Change Is Good, Right?

Mergers are a bitch.
I am finally able to write this without tears falling on the keyboard after spending the afternoon on the deck with Pearl, Ms. Flipper's dog.

I have been involved with an (unnamed) animal rescue organization for about a year now.  I love it.  Two of my brightest days of the week are when I go to spend time exercising and socializing the animals.  The organization has provided excellent training so that I can do whatever is needed to make the animal a good candidate for adoption.

There was a sudden announcement of a "potential" merger - apparently it was already a done deal.  It is actually a good move for the organization. I don't quibble with that.  What I do mind is the constant changes that are occurring as the organizations involved with the merger "align their procedures".  This alignment apparently consists of "my" organization completely revising it's procedures to mirror the other organization - also not a bad idea.

The way that it is being done is painful in the extreme - because of new rules limiting volunteer hours, "revising" volunteer procedures, and animal handling protocols. There are rules, rules, rules and more rules that appear to be a moving target.  There are no real explanations for the rule and protocol changes, just a "this is how we are doing it now" no matter how nicely you ask.  Many popular senior volunteers have "moved on" - some leaving on their own and others asked to leave.  Many volunteers who have become my friends have given up in disgust and left the organization.

I am a little bit angry and a lot sad.