Friday, May 5, 2017


Thanks for finally letting me in.  Why didn't you answer me when I asked for help?

Except they did.  And it is all my fault.

So.  My writing time is early in the morning. Like 5 AM. In general, I write at Starbucks.   My old tiny laptop that fit in my purse (OK, shoulder bag) was no longer up to new technology.  I had gotten it in 2010 and it just couldn't handle the new windows programs.  Windows XP - fine.  Windows 10- unh uh.

My new laptop is powerful.  I had planned on a tablet, but the amount of RAM wasn't large enough to handle Photoshop.  So the new Dell arrived and we started loading things.

When I got to Starbucks I couldn't get into my blog.  Blogger kept telling me that I didn't HAVE a blog.  I kept requesting help.  I "never got help".

So I kept sending emails and requests for help. Which never arrived. I  must have changed my password 10 times until I didn't even remember what it was anymore.

Except that help was arriving.  It was going to a Gmail account that  didn't remember I had.  It was all there when finally, the prompt asked me if I could possibly have another email account...I figured that since I had tried everything else, I might as well say "yes" to the question.

Gee Whiz.  There  WAS another Gmail account.  That I hadn't remembered.  It was listed as my recovery account.  I hadn't remembered that either..

Trying to sign in, I STILL couldn't manage it.  I couldn't seem to get my refound email to work .Google kept using my remembered Gmail.  Did I see the little downward carrot that asked for a secondary email?  No.  I did not.  I was ticked off and it just didn't register...
But  finally I noticed the downward carrot.  And I was able to enter the Gmail associated with my blog.  And my password worked.  And I have author access.

I'm getting old.  That must be it.  Although I would like to think that  it is just that I am very busy and I'm preoccupied with other, weightier matters.   But I have to be realistic.