Friday, September 28, 2012

Nook Tablet Charging Cord

To those of you considering a Nook Tablet purchase for yourself or a loved one:
Research the Charging Cord...

We bought a Nook Tablet for Ms. Flippers last weekend.  Yesterday, the charging cable failed.  She didn't stretch it to it's full length, twist or mangle it,or  misuse it in any way - it just failed.

To be absolutely frank, the Barnes and Noble store where we purchased the Nook Tablet was great about replacing the defective cable immediately.  They had one available and I showed them the damaged cable and the receipt and there was no problem with the exchange.

Before we bought, we researched the screen, casing, battery life, etc.  But who knew that we should have researched the USB charging cable?  It i, apparently, the weak link in the system and, as it turns out is NOT a standard USB/mini cable.  It is a SPECIAL cable specifically for the Nook Tablet and Nook Color and is PROPRIETARY. You cannot just go to your local electronics store to replace it.

Lesson Learned.

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