Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So my "satchel" finally died.  My desk chair rolled over its leather sides one too many times, its lining was shredded so that change, credit cards and car keys found their way between the lining and the leather.  It was time to replace it.

Now given that I am a luddite (I still have a flip phone that only calls and texts) I was surprised to find that I have a real taste for Expensive Leather Bags.....None of which cost under $150 even when discounted.  That gives you a clue as to how old the previous satchel was - I bought it at JC Penney for $80.

I fell in love with as Fossil Explorer Tote ($248 - Macy's).  Very few bags suit my criteria:  large, not too fussy, not too youngish, not too oldish.  I had seen this one and was immediately captivated.  Then The Bearded One and I looked at the price tag.  After several minutes to recover we began babbling: "Two Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars!  For a Purse!"  I completely realize that for those who appear on the pages of US magazine, that is mere chicken feed - but to me it is half of a car payment.

After convincing myself that I didn't DESERVE a purse that expensive I began looking around:
JC Penney  :nothing that fit the criteria
Ross:  One Marc Ecko bag that was just a little too young at $150 (MSRP $300)
TJ Maxx:  One Donna Karan(Italian Leather) bag that was soft as a baby's butt, on sale for $200 (MSRP $450) One Ralph Lauren bag that was $250 but had a huge imprinted logo.  Another bag I loved except for the bright red lining and the $800 dollar price tag (who pays that kind of money at TJ Maxx?)

I am currently carrying a 20 year old purse that I rescued from my closet.  It is definately not stylish but it is leather and has an intact lining...

A new "satchel" -
The search continues...

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