Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eyeing little girls with Bad Intent...

I have come to wonder why we did not name our cat Rufus, "Aqualung"...(notice:  old Jethro Tull reference)
His sisters, Kimi and Katsu are much put upon.

Kimi, who is actually bigger and heavier than Rufus can hold her own.  He will pounce on her, sinking his teeth into her neck.  She will hiss and turn batting him square in the face with her paw.  He will sit back as she hisses a few warnings, tail twitching; then he will move away lest she do him some real harm.

Poor little Katsu is outweighed by half.  She is a dainty 8 pounder to his hefty 16.  Rufus will stalk her and pounce -also sinking in his teeth, but she doesn't have the heft to evade him.

We know that he just wants to play.

He will sit in front of Katsu, cocking his head in invitation.
He will "browwwwerrrrrrrr" encouragingly.  He will crouch down to her level.  Then, when she is more interested in her catnip pencil holder than she is in him, he will pounce.

This leads to anquished miaowing on her part, a "Rufus, STOP THAT!" from the Bearded One, and a skittering rush up the basement stairs to the kitchen on the part of the miscreant.

Poor misunderstood Rufus.

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