Thursday, September 27, 2012

Luddite vs. well, The World

You know you're getting old when you can fill in the blanks in this sentence:
"It used to be that you could buy a __________(insert name of item here) for _______ (insert dollar amount) dollars."

Last night I got a catalog.  It seemed in answer to a prayer.  LAND'S END!  They'll have a handbag/satchel!  Their products provide quality at a reasonable price!

And I found the perfect one:  a Land's End shopper's tote that doubles as a handbag.  Congac leather, cotton linen lining.  Handy pockets for your "things".  Magnetic clasp.
Cost:  $198 plus shipping.

As I said to The Bearded One, "At least I don't have to pay a monthly fee to use it."

The search continues.

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