Tuesday, February 7, 2012

and now my hairbrush is missing

Barring tsunami, tornado, or other disaster (like a run on the banks) we will be closing on our new property in 2 weeks.  We are ALL in various stages of advanced stress.  Some of us are not sleeping (The Bearded One).  Some of us (me) are clenching our teeth so that our jaw does not open to permit the entry of solid food.  SOME of us are phobic about the possibility of being "unconnected" to the internet during the 15 minute trip from our current house to our future one (Stubble).  I understand that there may be help for him in a thingie called "EasyTether".  Ms. Flippers (who found the new place) is floating above the fray except for losing (in the last week) her house keys (twice), her passport (once), and her cell phone (still not found).  Also missing are three of twelve salad forks, three cereal bowls, and four 12 ounce glasses, although Stubble and I must share the blame for these missing items.

Yesterday morning Ms. Flippers used our shower in the morning as Stubble was hogging their shared bathroom right when she needed it.  She left her shampoo and conditioner behind.  And now my hairbrush is missing.

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