Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Katsu loves us and is always thinking of us...

Katsu may not be much of a lap cat, but she is "the smart one".  She is the one who will remove her furry butt from the counter when you give her a look and say, "Kaaatsuuuu" in a low menacing voice.  Her brother and sister just sit there looking at you until you physically remove them.  She is the cat who will look to see if her brother's fur and bits of clay are in the water before she drinks.  She is the one who will sniff something BEFORE she eats it...

Last night The Bearded One was topping off the litter in the cat boxes.  When he does this, he always closes the laundry room door so that he doesn't attract "helpers".  Last night, both Stubble and I opened the door to the laundry room while he was absorbed in the task at hand and he didn't notice when Katsu entered.  To be completely honest, Stubble and I didn't notice either until Katsu approached the pail of unused litter.  She daintily and delicately climbed into the pail, arranged herself appropriately, and peed.  Entirely within the pail.  After all, what is a little cat to do when a big person is completely blocking her access to the litter.  Then she daintily and delicately burried her business.  Stubble and I were laughing so hard that we couldn't do anything about it, not that we wanted to disturb her before she was completely finished.  The Bearded One was less amused, "Why didn't you keep the door closed?  Then this would never have happened!"

Stubble and I continued to laugh, using the door jamb and the walls respectively, to hold ourselves up.  The Bearded One just compressed his lips and continued with his task, replacing the covers on the litter boxes.

Time passed.  It was now bedtime.

Katsu is not known for her delicate tummy.  That honor would belong to her sister, Kimiko.  But last night, she felt a little disturbance and rather than messing up the carpet, she (daintily and delicately) climbed into the laundry basket full of the clean whites that I had just finished drying and folding.  Then she threw up more kibble that one could have expected to fit into a little cat stomach.  It was gross and disgusting.  On the other hand, it was not on the carpet and it is easier by far to dump a laundry basket full of socks and underwear back into the washing machine than it is to clean the carpet.

Katsu loves us and is always thinking of us...

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