Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holy Crap! What are you going to write?

My family found out well after the fact that I had a blog.  I did it in secret.  I didn't discuss it with anybody except my alter-ego, "my evil twin, Jennifer" who encouraged me in the name of sanity to write something, ANYTHING.  Jennifer felt that it would be healthy for me (I mean "us") to have a creative outlet.  She warned me not to tell anyone.

But I did.  Tell someone, that is.  I told the Bearded One.  About a month or so into it I was sitting at the breakfast bar typing.

"Email?" he asked.

"No, blogging," I replied, offhand and very casually.

"YOU HAVE A BLOG!???" he responded.  Obviously completely unconcerned at the prospect.  "I'll bet you spend all of your time bitching about your job and us." 
That last bit was a strict declarative sentence rather than a question in disguise.

Feeling the need to reassure him, I let him read a couple of entries.  Specifically this one and this one.
"Oh, that's cute.  But you didn't mention...." was his response.

I followed that up by reassuring him that I would remain anonymous, that I didn't WANT our relatives to know all about my writing as it really was creative rather than newsworthy, and that I knew VERY WELL that writing about employers could get one into deep, deep trouble.

Once knowing that I wasn't saying mean things about him, he completely forgot about the blog.  Everything about it.  Including the title.

On occasion, I do let him read an entry before I post it.  Usually when he is sitting the the room while I type.  He invariably has a few things of his own to add.  Which is fine with me.  My evil twin Jennifer tells me that he needs a creative outlet too.

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