Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picky McPickerson

The Fall school term begins in one week and my minions are back.  Once again I am asking them to go above and beyond - to actually work.

They are really good workers - they get to do things like clean aquariums and wash glassware and top off stain bottles.  They sort slides and clean the oil off of them. They clean microscopes and flush eyewashes.  They cart heavy bags of sand and soil to the second floor greenhouse when the elevators are being worked on.  They restock supply drawers, make media for the Micro labs and then get to wash more glassware.  They organize the (hot and muggy) greenhouse and work on its (recalcitrant) irrigation system...

Without them I would be dead in the water.

All I ask is that they get ALL of the algae out of the aquariums - that they autoclave the aquarium gravel before reassembling said aquariums - and that they do the jobs completely and SAFELY.

If they want to be Whiny McWhinersons while doing so - OK by me.

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