Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Habit, Creature of

This describes The Bearded One.  His daily routines are the same - whether he begins them on time or 10 minutes late.  Yesterday morning began with, "Wake up - it is 4:20!"  The Bearded One is one of those people who, in general, wakes at the same time each morning without the aid of an alarm clock...
In spite of being 20 minutes late in beginning his day, the routine did not alter:
brush teeth (10 times on each tooth surface)
trim beard
give all 3 cats a "good morning hug"
collect clothes (steam if necessary)
litter box
breakfast (while reading)
collect lunch box and backpack
leave for work at 5 AM

Morning habits?  Me?  Not so much.
I will admit to ALWAYS beginning with a cup of coffee (generally left over from the day before and microwaved).
I make a new pot of coffee, get the newspaper and make The Bearded One's lunch (ALWAYS a tub of fruit, a cup of cottage cheese, two cartons of yogurt (one mango and one strawberry mango), and an apple).  After that, there really is no set routine.  I generally read the paper, exercise, shower and brush, make my own lunch, and make the bed (unless there is a cat sleeping on it).  But the routine varies.  I might intersperse the "usual" with: check email, start a load of wash, fold and put away dry clothes, check and adjust the swimming pool chemistry, or just read a book - whatever.  I leave between 6 AM and 6:15 -ish.

Stubble is just like his Dad.  After rolling out of bed his first stop is the shower.  ALWAYS!  Ms. Flippers is more like me - whatever.  whenever.

I like to think that we balance the yin and the yang in our household.  Our door hinges will never squeak because there is a set time and place for them to be attended to, but things that need doing that are not in the queue will still happen.

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