Wednesday, March 28, 2012


TRUE Decadence is not chocolate (the darker the better because then it is "heart healthy").  It is also not a really good glass of Cabernet (the kind that costs more than $15 on sale at the grocery store).  It is not a warm fuzzy blanket fresh from the dryer or a warm fresh from the oven double chocolate chip cookie...

Decadence is REALLY being able to read the newspaper in the morning before leaving for work.  It is even more decadent to be able to do so with your significant other over a cup of coffee.

You can tell a bit about my age by the fact that I am even mentioning a "newspaper".  Yes, I do indeed read things online, but in the morning I love the feel of fresh newsprint.  It also makes a great dropcloth when I am painting and it is recyclable when plastic drop cloths are not.

We leave for work absurdly early.  The Bearded One leaves even more absurdly early than I do.  At our new house, the newspaper is in the driveway each weekday morning at about 4 AM...

We have decided that either the delivery person is an insomniac or works a late shift and delivers the paper on his or her way home.  Either/Or.  It doesn't matter.  We can sit and say things to each other like:  "I know you don't normally like Adam @Home, but read it today," or "Be sure to read about the first class trip that one of our appointed officials took on the taxpayer is disgusting...", or "There is this really neat article about solar litter boxes, we should look into it..."

These are the mundane little things in life that really mean so much to a relationship.  Just a simple sharing of the beginning of the day to come.

Love you, Bearded One.  Be sure to look at Bizarro today.  And drive Safely.

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