Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The fun of buying a new home certainly isn't in the looking.  EVERY home that the realtor finds is "perfect" and you have to sometimes work hard to come up with reasons not to like it...some of which sound really weak.
At one point we finally told our agent, "Yes, we really are looking to buy, but until a house "speaks" to us we won't make an offer."

It certainly isn't the coming to an agreement and the financial arrangements which seem calculated to employ as many people as possible for as long as possible.  When  we had to provide the THIRD copy of the appraiser's report (all 47 pages of it) our take on it was, "Don't you people all work IN THE SAME BUILDING?  Wouldn't it be easier to just run upstairs and make a photocopy?"  Well, they weren't all in the SAME building as it turns out.  Our agent and the mortgage broker were in the same building.  The seller's agent was across the parking lot...

It certainly isn't the final approval and closing which can, in our view, be described as:  "Well, you've got our money, now where are our keys!"  Any number of times  The Bearded One had to explain to one party or another, "This was an electronic transfer.  The money was one place and now 'poof' it is in another place.  There is NO CHECK to place a hold on..."

The fun part was falling asleep at night (after throwing up dinner because of a new email requesting yet more financial documents) planning which bathrooms would get which existing bathmats and which kitchen cabinets would get dishes and which would get baking supplies.  That was the fun of a new home purchase.

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  1. That is absolutely Ridiculous, i don't understand why they would need all of this information just to buy the house. Sounds like people are either lazy or don't know how to do their jobs.