Thursday, October 11, 2012


You know you're getting old when...
You start using those little pill sorters that your grandma used to have...

It didn't really start with us - it started with Ms. Flippers.  When they were trying to get rid of her chronic migraines they tried several different medications - to help her remember whether or not she had taken them on any given day we got a one week pill sorter.

EZY Dose Jumbo Weekly Pill Reminder
Just like Grandma used to have
 What finally worked was the headache diet and we were left with one unused pill sorter.

Since we never let anything go to waste in our family, The Bearded One began using it for the handfull of pills that he takes each morning.  To be sure, his pills started out as blood pressure and cholesterol meds but after dietary changes and exercise, he is now under doctors orders to cut one in half and discontinue the other and the pill taking has morphed into an handfull of vitamins and such that his physician recommends.

So The Bearded One saw a really cute multicolored stacking number at CVS and bought one - because it looked "neat". It worked so well that now we have two of them so that he can take them on his travels.
Stackable 7 Day Pill Organizers - Items 368-small, 369-medium, 370-large
NOT like Grandma's - and really cute!

He found it so helpful in the morning to just open a container and not have to open multiple bottles that I tried it also...guess what?  It is a real time saver.

These containers are so NOT elderly.  They are handy and stylish and don't really look like your health and mental faculties are fading.  They make them now for busy people who are in a hurry every morning.  For people who are into vitamin supplements. 

This is a grab-n-go

Multi-Day VitaCarry 8 Compartment Pill Box Holds Up To 60 Pills (Assorted color)
This is a Vita-Carry

Pill sorters.  They're not just for Grandma anymore!

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