Tuesday, June 5, 2012

...and everything in its place

The Bearded One hit an impasse 2 weeks ago.  Organizing the garage had become an endless maze of moving boxes and piles.  Shifting steadily about on the concrete floor, the boxes did not decrease in number, neither did the tools magically appear on shelves and in drawers.

The garage cabinets were 6" less deep than the old ones rendering all of his storage bins useless.  Not only were they 6" less deep, the shelves were not nearly as adjustable height-wise and the cabinets themselves were a full foot shorter than what he was used to.  And this was a real problem.  Every time I needed a screw driver or a pliers I was referred to one of the cardboard boxes languishing on the garage floor:  "In one of THOSE," he intoned sadly, shaking his bent head.

He had begun muttering about pegboard and even though what was on his "list" for the weekend was bathtub caulk and kitchen veneer, it was decided that the pegboard needed to come first.

Two trips to Home Depot later (we were short of 75 pound drywall anchors),  two unsightly 2x4s had been removed and were awaiting disposal at the "hands" of the sawsall, the sprinkler timer had been moved 1 foot to the left, and pegboard was on the walls.  ANOTHER trip to Home Depot ensued when it was determined that the insulated staples with which the electrical cords attached to the sprinkler control would be controlled were nowhere to be found.

Pegboard installation complete, it became evident that we had the wrong kind of "pegboard storage devices" and yet another trip to Home Depot was undertaken.  Luckily, Home Depot is only 3 miles from the house and we returned in short order with hooks and brackets and baskets and other implements of storage and organization.

At this point, as The Bearded One had expected, boxes rapidlly emptied and were broken down and the garage began to take on a "lived in but well organized" look.

At the bottom of the last milk crate we found the box of insulated staples.

A Place For Everything...

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