Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We had reached a point where nothing was going into the new house and nothing was leaving the old house...

I had always wondered why when we moved in to the new place that we had been left, in addition to 2 TV sets and a set of living room furniture; 10 citronella candles, a cupboard full of mismatched food storage containers, and another cupboard full of canning jars.  I hereby acknowledge that my punctuation in the last sentence leaves much to be desired.  I am just currently too tired to care.  Somebody, please correct it and just leave a grade.

At any rate, I now know how this happens.  After a month of moving bit by bit you realize that:
1)  That you have run out of space in your new place.
2)  That you really don't need the things that you haven't moved yet.

Now everything just stays in a steady state.

I did something about that yestereday.  I arranged to have a cleaning crew come to the old house to vacuum and dust the walls (particularly inside the closets) so that i can spend the weekend doing touch up painting.  I was at the old house until after 9 PM last night moving boxes.  The last little bits of what we have left behind.  I will be leaving 3 flower pots with dead plants in them (an aloe, some basil, and a cactus), a set of fireplace tools, several waste baskets, and an old but still really nice shower curtain.  I just don't need them anymore and don't have the energy to toss them out or send them to charity.

I did take the last of my mismatched food storage containers, though.