Monday, June 13, 2011

and What Shall Be His Name-O

We have a very "bad" habit in our house.  We name our vehicles.  My former (as of yesterday) car was "The Purple Bullet" named for the feeling that one got while riding at (very - for me) high speeds on the highways of Arizona.  On Ice.

The Purple Bullet was a wonderful car, just a bit small for us now that we no longer have the HUGE mini-van that we named "The Green Monster".  Why they call an extended body mini-van "mini" is beyond me, but Green Monster carried us and all of our renovation supplies without complaint for many years.  It carried 12x12 travertine for the kitchen and dining room, it carried .75 yards of dirt for fill around the pond, it carried timbers and bricks and pavers and rocks...and we sadly let it go to charity a year ago because 4 vehicles for 3 people is really an extravagance.

The last few family trips, however, pointed up the Purple Bullet's limitations.  Full of passengers, there was little space for luggage.  Trips to the boat required two cars because equipment/supplies/people could not all fit into one vehicle.  Sadly, the need for a larger carrying capacity was obvious.  If we were to get a decent trade in for Purple Bullet it had to happen now.

We now own something with carrying capacity (well, the bank and us).  But it needs a name.  One will come to us in time but for now, "He Who Shall Be Nameless" is just too evil to contemplate and with all due respect to Bob Seger, "The Silver Bullet" doesn't show proper respect for my former intrepid vehicle...

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