Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Baaaaaack!

I have not been a well person for awhile. I am much better now: "Every day in every way, better and better".

I'm happy to be back and happy to be writing again. It actually took a couple of months before I could string two thoughts together into one coherent sentence. I could only do the simplest tasks like cleaning out a closet or sweeping a floor...nothing complex like writing...

During the time I've been away the holidays have come and gone, Spring is here, and Rufus and the Ninja Sisters will be one year old next week.

They are all grown up now and have developed some interesting talents. Kimiko (now known as Kimi-Cat) can turn on the bedroom lights (touch sensitive ones) and has been known to do so in the middle of the night. She can also open doors that are not completelty latched by jumping up and hitting them with her front paws in the vicinity of the latch. She finds this especially handy for bathroom doors. She also has a very real talent for sneaking into places if you give her half a chance - like closets and pantries (and the DRYER!) - where she plays (or sleeps) happily until you miss her and find her.

Katsu (who has now become "CAT-Su") is the tiniest and (we believe) the smartest. She is the one who will do all sorts of "forbidden" things in order to get attention, but she does it with "flair".  For example, she will climb on the counter tops, but instead of chewing on things or knocking things over, she just sits there looking cute and waits for you to pick her up for a cuddle.  Now after you have picked her up, she doesn't want to stay cuddled, but she will have pulled your attention from the other furry ones.

 Rufus (now known as "MR. CAT!" or "Rufus the Unhinged") is a very "elemental" cat. He is a big bully when it comes to his sisters (or us) and a champion "leaper" able to jump to great heights from a standing start. We believe that Rufus suffered some brain damage at birth because, while he manages to eat, drink, and use the litter box appropriately, he seems to exist at the most basic level -he purrs and sleeps, but appears to have no understanding of language at all.  He doesn't exhibit the curiosity of his sisters, or the ingenuity, but he is loving, sheds profusely, and will eat anything semi edible.

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